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Water Rates and Info

There are currently no boil advisories or orders

Our online water payment service offers many benefits. FREE features include monitoring your account, receiving notices when new bills are created, viewing a 12 month history of your water account, verifying payment was received by our office, and checking that water bills at rental properties are paid. Payments can be made by eCheck, Visa, Mastercard and Discover bank and credit cards for a nominal fee. Autopay and Text-To-Pay features are also available. Click the icon below to sign up!

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all public water supply systems to identify the material of each customer’s service line and their home’s internal plumbing. The service line is the customer-owned line carrying water from the meter pit into the customer’s home. Our water district would like your help by taking a short survey to help us compile a database of the materials used in our customers’ service lines and house plumbing. 

By completing this survey, you avoid having to meet with a Jacksonville Water or EPA representative at your home. This survey should take less than 5 minutes. We appreciate your time.

Please use the QR code below or visit this link to complete the short survey. This 5-minute survey will help you identify your home’s service line.

CLICK HERE if you wish to download our brochure that explains the inventory process in more detail.

Note that a survey will need to be completed for each service location.

Water Rates

  • In Town: $43.26 for 0-2,000 gallons; $1.60 for each additional 100 gallons. In Town customers are also subject to a $5.00 per month charge on the water bill for maintenance of the Storm Sewers. 
  • Out of Town: $58.71 for 0-2,000 gallons; $2.32 for each additional 100 gallons. 
  • Penalty Rate: All balances which remain unpaid will be assessed a 10% penalty on the 16th day of each month. 
  • Returned Payment Fee: All payments made to the Village that are returned by the Bank for any reason are subject to a $35.00 returned payment fee.  
  • Disconnect Fee: Accounts that are disconnected for non-payment will be assessed a disconnect fee of $80.00. To re-establish service the entire account balance including the disconnect fee must be paid in full. 
  • Tampering Fee: Only the Village Water Operator, Village Administrator or a Certified Plumber may access water meters and pits. Any person caught accessing a water meter or pit can be fined $50.00 or prosecuted by the Village.
  • Water Taps: Please contact the Water Department at (740) 767-2400, option 1 for more information.

Water Forms and Reports

Water Forms

Drinking Water Reports