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Jacksonville Village Park

Park Rules

I. Hours of Operation/Execptions

  • Jacksonville Village Park (the “Park”) shall be open to the public daily from 6:00A until 11:00P EST, at which time all persons must vacate Park premises. There are exceptions for Park managed facilities and special events. 
  • Overnight parking, walking, sleeping, and camping by individuals or groups is prohibited within the confines of the Park, except upon special written permission obtained from Jacksonville Village Council. 

II. General Rules

  • No individuals or groups will be permitted to purchase or sell any food, drinks or novelties within the confines of the Park, unless approved in writing by Jacksonville Village Council. 
  • There shall be no trapping, hunting, or noisemaking devices whatsoever in the Park.
  • The Park is a GUN FREE ZONE. 
  • It is prohibited to injure, molest or kill any bird or animal in the Park. 
  • Any pets in the Park are subject to the Jacksonville Animals at Large Ordinance.  
  • It is prohibited to deface, injure, move or remove any sign, notice or label placed by Park Management within the Park, to write upon, deface, defile or otherwise injure any building, fence, fountain, seat, statue, gateway, wall, or other structure within the Park. 
  • No boisterous, indecent, or vulgar language will be tolerated, nor shall any public nuisance be permitted. 
  • Visitors are prohibited from cutting any flowers, destroying, removing or defacing any plants, grass, trees or shrubbery, or any other property in the Park. All vehicles, including ATVs, are prohibited from parking or driving on any grass in the park.
  • No horses or any other animal may be ridden anywhere within the Park, except in areas where Jacksonville Village Council permission has been obtained. 
  • Fishing within the Park is permitted provided that fishermen follow all rules and regulations of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). 
  • It is prohibited to drop, throw, scatter, or leave upon any part of the Park any type of litter, except into receptacles provided for such purpose. 
  • It is prohibited to have an open fire in the Park unless approved in writing by Jacksonville Village Council. Fires in grills are allowed; however caution should be taken in disposing of hot coals.