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Village Offices: 740-767-2400

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The village council will meet the last Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm at the firehouse.

Additionally, the following subcomittees meet at 5:30 and 6:00 prior to the regular meeting: Finance, Water, Street, Fire, Parks, Records and Public Safety. All are welcome !

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Origins of Jacksonville

The following is courtesy of "History of Hocking Valley, Ohio"; Chicago: Inter-state Publishing Co., 1883

"Oliver D. Jackson, owner and proprietor of mines and store, and founder of the town of Jacksonville, is the only son of Joshua H. and Mary (Bean) Jackson. He was born in York Township, Athens County, May 18, 1848, and lived there until 1854, when his parents removed to Ward Township, Hocking County. At the age of nineteen years he began teaching school, and taught during the winter season four years. Aug. 25, 1872, he and his father established a hardware store at New Straitsville, Perry Co., Ohio, under the firm name of J. H. Jackson & Son. In September, 1875, he purchased his father's interest and continued the business alone until May 1, 1877, when he sold a portion of his business there, and removed a portion of his stock to Bessemer and established a general mercantile store, and in November following removed his business to Buchtel, and April 1, 1878, he sold an interest in the business to the Akron Iron Company. He was then having full charge of the management of the store and live-stock business of the company until Sept. 10, 1882, when he sold his interest to the Akron Iron Company. In April, 1880, he purchased the first lands where he is now in business, and has added adjoining lands continually to the present time. He began business at this point Sept. 15, 1882, and is now shipping coal from his mines, and has a village laid out covering sixty acres. Sept. 7, 1875, he married Jane, daughter of David and Tryphena (Judd) Eggleston, of Ward Township, Hocking County. They have four children---Minnie E., William W., Frederick H. and Edward B."